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01-08-2017, 04:37 PM,
Valve clearance
It's winter time here in da north so plenty of time to do maintenance. Just the other day I decided to check valve clearances. I have 46 tkm on the bike. The last service was at around 40 tkm. The front cylinder exhaust valve clearance was horribly off, just 0.05 mm instead of the spec 0.12 - 0.17 mm. Also the intake clearance was a bit too small (0.05 mm, the spec is 0.07 - 0.12 mm). The rear cylinder was ok. I adjusted the clearances to be in the spec and I think now the engine responses faster to the throttle. I have not been able to take a test ride because of ice and snow...
Has anyone experienced such a big change in clearances in just 6 tkm (about 3.7 t miles)? Any experiences of clearances being not what they should be? I kind of suspect that the clearances have not been checked and/or adjusted at 40 tkm (the front cylinder at least).
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