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03-16-2017, 06:45 PM,
650 classic windshield width
Hi, Folks,

I took delivery of a 2015 XVA65AFB Classic with 1.1 km on the odometer scale last Wednesday.

I was able to ride it across my back yard to the storage shed where it now sits surrounded by about 2' of snow - so much for our gentle southern Ontario winter - maybe it'll warm up next week and I can get a ride in and some pics.

Now back to the question - the bike came with floorboards and I have a crash bar ready for install and I'm just about ready to order a windshield.

I'm aware of how to measure for height but I'm at a loss as to the width - some of the vendors say a 22" is standard and then offer an 18" option.

One of the old timers told me the wider windshield has the side turbulent layer farther outboard than a narrow one - hinting that wider is better.

Somewhere else it said a wider windshield doesn't look right on our narrow bikes so the 18" width is a better fit. The Yamaha site only gives the height.

Can any of you shed some light on this for me?????

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