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04-27-2017, 07:36 PM,
Exhaust Question & General Maintainence question '10 V Star 650 Custom
Hi there.
New to bikes, and picked up a 2010 v star 650 Custom with only 1800 and change miles. Bike was never dropped or anything, and is basically brand new... always garage kept etc... previous owner almost got in a serious accident (Guy swerving on highway almost clipped him) and he decided to sell it because he has kids (i do too), and it was too dangerous for him. It was sitting since a few months after he got it (He said end of last summer) until i picked it up.. He put a new battery in it, and it is in good running condition (other than old gas, etc). I'm going to be putting fresh gas in it (Will pump out the old stuff), but my brother noticed while the bike was idling for a few minutes til we could pull the car out of the driveway to put the bike in the garage, the exhaust BEFORE the shielding coming right out of the motor was getting a little red hot. We parked it and that was that, but i was wondering what might cause this? Like i said, its been sitting for a year which isn't really that out of the ordinary given the seasons here in NJ.... But, any idea what it could be? or is it not an issue? Thinking it may just need to run with some clean fuel just to burn any crap out of the system.. Hopefully not a serious issue, because with the cost of gear and what not i can't afford a bunch of repairs too.

Another question.. Given the low mileage, i'd assume it spent a lot of time sitting over the years.. should i do a motor oil change anyways, due to the age? How about the final drive oil (gear oil in the rear) or any other fluids?

And, last but not least, do you put ethanol safe in your fuel? We do for our snowmobiles, and those aren't even carbed.. id imagine its not a bad idea for a bike?
Let me know what ya think.
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