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06-28-2017, 02:37 PM,
Long and hard to start

whoever could possibly help me, it would be much appreciated.

Yamaha 1997 XVS 650
New battery (2 different been purchased)
New spark plugs
Carb cleaned with fuel additives twice
Carb boot connections both replaced (cracks found all over)

I apologize if I missed anything important since this is my first ever posting.
Basically since the start of this summer my bike has been having a real hard time starting. My initial belief was the battery and spark plug, yet replacing these didnt help. I tried additives, seemed to help for the first few days but soon as I filled up new gas the problems came back. After deciding to take the bike apart and check the carb I noticed the carb boots were extremely cracked. I suspected a vacuum leak, although the boots were only cracked on the outside, but looking inside seemed fine.

Today I replaced these and afterward the problems were still present.
The problem that is really bothering me is that I noticed when I remove the whole airbox, exposing the carb intakes, the bike start IMMEDIATELY. But after putting the bike back together, riding around and leaving the bike to sit for 2 hours (usual time until problem comes back, since bike starts when hot) the bike keeps cranking but wont start. Eventually I start to hear the bike "kick" as it seems to want to start, and with more effort the bike starts.
Its very random, sometimes it seems like the bike needs a bit of throttle to start, sometimes it seems like the bike needs the "choke"but honestly its very random and never consistent.

I also tried playing a bit with the idle speed, since I noticed the bike sometimes needs throttle. This helped a little bit with starting but eventually this isnt a fix either. I also dont have a rpm tachometer, so I dont want to ruin the mixture.

My next plan of action is to try and check the ignition coil, BUT it still doesnt make sense why the bike starts WITHOUT the whole airbox set. Why if I expose the intake carbs the bike starts as if it were BRAND NEW.

Things I noticed, but maybe not a problem,
oil in the airbox
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