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07-01-2017, 08:48 AM,
Blue collar bobber kits
Hi folks, I'm looking to ask some questions about the blue collar bobber kits. I recently bought a 2002 Dragstar 1100 classic with under 10k miles on it, the bikes in pretty good shape for a 15yr old bike. and thats the main reason i bought it. Thing is I'm not a huge fan of chrome as it tends to go flakey and fall off in our salted roads here in Scotland. so the less of it to go wrong the better, Thats what basically killed the cosmetics of my 87 Suzuki intruder 1400.

Anyways i would like to enquire as to the build quality of these blue collar bobber kits. how much weight will i lose off the standard classic? I will never carry a pillion, as my partner won't go near a bike. so a solo seat bobber has always appealed. but id like to know if there 13" seat is comfortable for longer runs. and how is the ease of fitting? to be honest I'm a little scared of cutting my frame, as i know they need you to do this to fit the rear fender kit.

I was thinking of ordering the front and rear fender kits for the 1100, as well as the 13" seat kit. Lights etc i will source here as they US spec lights are not suitable for the UK.

Another question i would like to ask is how common and easy to source are the cast wheels that seem to be made for the later v-star 1100 in the USA?. we never got them in the UK AFIK. as my wheels are probably the only roughish part of my bike. I would plan on picking some up the next time i go to the USA on a break, myself and my partner are in NYC at least once a year.

Any information of photos of your converted bikes would be awesome. I have attached a photo of my bike as it currently is.

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