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07-24-2017, 06:21 PM,
Oil light
2015 VStar 1300 deluxe 14000 miles in 13 months recently changed over to Mobile 1 20w-50, 3 oil changes in 12 months, 1 rear tire change to michellin commanderII. After the oil change to synthetic, i went and put a couple hundred miles on it in the hot texas weather. At about mile 450 my oil light came on and i had to back off from 80 to 70 before it went out. I know i filled my oil to mfg specs, 3.88 qts. cruised at 70 for another 40 miles looking for a place to find mobil 1, and the light stayed off...back up to 80 for another 30 miles and it came on again, so my last 100 miles I stayed at 70 until i rain into rain almost home. In this heat does anyone know if it will affect the viscosity of the oil enough to bring the oil light on? sorry for the long post
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