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07-25-2017, 01:57 AM,
Lightbulb  Flat spot rear rubber (new set) new Q"s
Hello ladies and gents hope everyone had a slow monday! So lets get to the goods. Ole girl sat in MS for months while I moved and settled in to Little Rock area. Take her out and run her around down there to find out she was ran and keep clean but never moved around and got me a flat bump....sigh. so my always wanting for new tires has now an excuse. :D So my question is that i wanna go 140/90 rear and im thinking with the research iv done the front is a 3.00/18 or 100/90 but with the stock front fender the Gap is sooooo tight you really have to stay with that size. but over here the roads aint to friendly and im gonna take off that front dirt catcher and wondering if you guys know if im able to put a 110/90 or at least a 120/90 is what i really want up there, i want my tires to have more meat. i dont care about power loss or mpg. i weigh a buck 40 and my bike doesn't know im on it anyways. is it possible to have that 120/90 up there boys??? Thank ya in advance for any good info towards this. Over and OUT
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