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07-27-2017, 09:58 AM,
2001 1100 slow cranking
I have a 2001 yamaha v star 1100 Custom. The day I bought it, I was riding it home when all of my gauges started flickering, then went out completely. After my speedometer and lights shut off, the bike shut off (dead battery). I hauled it home and charged the battery completely up.

I tested the battery with a voltmeter, had close to 12-13V at battery, but when I revved it to higher RPM's, the voltage didn't increase (not charging). After doing some tests around stator connections on the left side of the bike, I believed the stator to be bad. Bought a new stator and rectifier/regulator, installed them and went to start the bike.

Starter turned over rapidly but didn't attempt to start the bike (no fire). I pulled the plug out and confirmed it had no fire. I pulled the engine cover back off and discovered I had accidently broke the two wires coming from the pickup coil next to the stator. Butt spliced and heatshrinked the connections back together, put the bike back together again.

This time when I went to crank it, the bike has a hard time turning over, it will turn over once or twice very slowly, but then stops completely. Seems like the starter doesn't want to turn over the motorcycle.

The battery wasn't new and when I load-tested it, it was on the borderline to being bad, so replaced it to be safe. New battery didn't affect the starting problem at all.

I pulled the frame ground off, inspected and cleaned it, and tightened it back up. Made sure all of my connections were good, and check all fuses.

I read a forum where a similar problem was resolved with a starter solenoid relay, so I bought one ($10). New relay didn't help.

Did some tests on my starter itself, and I knew it was unlikely for the starter to go out, but I bought a used OEM starter ($55) anyways. New starter didn't help.

I'm getting frustrated with the motorcycle and am running out of ideas.

Please help if you have any suggestions. Thanks.
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