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08-03-2017, 01:33 AM,
Film  Yolo Exhaust
Well guys the other night I got hit with a wild hair, and wanted to do something to my exhaust just for a change and maybe like or maybe hate it.And well its a stock piece to the bike to heck if it works or goes horrible, and well im here to say it turned out quite well. took and went longer than expected HomeCrapo didnt my hole saw i wanted so i got the biggest drill bit and my hitachi drill and went to town and boy oh boy is this thing rocking now, down the road its a monster and riding around my complex it roars! sorry neighbors. Not sure if any of you cats know this, but the two pics uploaded, is the top and bottom muffler, iv got the first wall out and tubes, but theres a second wall, can this be removed and drilled out to increase sound? or do i need to test this for us all? link to sound check below

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