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08-16-2017, 06:45 PM,
Headlight Modulation Plug and play
Been thinking about getting a SDC dual headlight modulation kit from Amazon and Signal Dynamics, but I never see anyone with it so I wondered if it was worth it. Guess they aren't very popular in Tennessee. Recently I saw a guy riding in town with this and it drew my attention. Looks like it might help people see me because I noticed it quickly and tried to figure out if it was some emergency vehicle or what. According to their product info it comes on automatically and you can cancel it by switching the lights from high to low to high quickly. It shuts off automatically at night and is DOT compliant. There is also a feature where you can hook it to your horn and when you honk the horn the pulse pattern changes and then goes back to normal. The unit also has a fail safe that will ensure you lights stay on if the modulation function fails. Little less than 100 bucks with no shipping. There is another option available from them, but it doesn't give you the ability to toggle it off. Any thoughts or experience with this?
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