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08-20-2017, 06:53 PM,
First Post - Valve cover thread - what tap to use
Hi All,
This is the my first post to the forum. Glad to be here.
I recently bought a 2000 v-star 650 custom and performed a valve adjustment a few weeks back. All went well, but I developed a slow leak at the rear valve cover. Since it is a pain to get to the bolts on that rear cover, I let it leak for a week or two. This morning, I purchased a ratcheting 10mm wrench and when attempting to tighten the lower bolt (slightly) I felt the bold give a little and I stopped immediately. I little while later, I pulled the bolt and inspected it. To my surprise and fear, it didn't look too bad. When GENTLY reinstalling the bolt, it broke off in the cylinder head. I'm still shocked that it broke as i was being very careful and am paranoid about stripping the cylinder head.

Anyway, I'm now planning to pull the cylinder head because I'm fairly sure I cannot remove the broken bolt without doing so. Part of the bike frame is in my way.

My plan is
1. Pull the head
2. Remove the broken bolt
3. Retap/clean the threads on the cylinder
4. Replace cylinder gasket and put everything back together
5. Change the engine oil/filter, etc

2 questions.
1. are there any concerns with this plan, or a better plan?
2. what tap do i need for this valve cover bolt orifice? i need to buy one.

08-21-2017, 07:21 AM,
RE: First Post - Valve cover thread - what tap to use
I did some reading of my Clymer manual and learned that I would need to remove the engine from the frame in order to get to the cylinder head, and if i pulled the engine, there would be no need to pull the head to get to the broken bolt. So, i took a small chisel and small hammer to it last night and delicately removed the broken bolt. After doing this, i delicately worked another bolt into the hole, back and forth, and found that I definitely need to retap the threads. I'm going to temporarily double up on the washers to keep pressure on the valve cover and will schedule some time in the winter to pull the engine and retap the threads. I'm not sure if there is anything else i can do, if there is any way to retap this in place. If anyone has ideas, please let me know.
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