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09-15-2017, 03:23 PM,
2005 V-Star high idle
Hello there.

Brand new to the forum. Apologize if this question was asked before.

I bought a 2005 custom 650 last year. It sat a bit thru Winter and really started riding only in June. It had a rough idle and would run fine (after using Choke to start) but would not stay on.

Did an oil change and the mechanic said he adjusted the idle slightly higher to stay on and advised sea foam treatment, which I did.

Now, I find the rev is really high especially when down shifting and would stay high for some time even at a stop light, in Neutral at a traffic light, and the rev would stay high for 2 mts before coming down.

He suggested a carb sync before going down the carb clean route.

Any thoughts here. I feel the bike ran fine before the idle adjustment he made :(

Thanks for your response.
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