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10-04-2017, 12:53 AM,
Transmission Vs clutch Vs ??
Help! I have a 1998 Yamaha Vstar 650 and I recently replaced the clutch kit, trying to fix what I thought was a slipping. Now new clutch kit is on bike and the gears all shift smoothly and I can delive all the tourq available in any gear but 4th. In 4th gear I can drive on with very little throttle but as soon as I give it more throttle it acts as if it clutch kily slips. It definitely not a slip thou, more like a gear slipping a tooth (I am imagining). As soon as I shift past to 5th, I can instantly deliver 100% power and torque again all the way up to 80mph. What is going on in 4th gear? Before the clutch kit it seemed like 2,3,4,5 all did this which is why I replaced the clutch. Now it is isolated only to 4th. Help any ideas?
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