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11-27-2017, 10:28 PM,
Cleaned Carb | Idles without Choke but can't rev engine
Hi All,

New around here and am really a total noob, so I want to first thank you for your patience....

I've picked up a 99 VStar 650 to fool with. It was not running well when I got it (wouldn't idle). It also acted like it had a stuck float (gas would shoot out of the hose behind the air filter).

I took off the front of the carb bowls and disassembled the jets and cleaned them out with carb cleaner. I did not remove or adjust the floats.

After cleaning and reassembling, there is no longer any gas shooting out the hose and the bike starts with and without the Choke, but:

a) When the choke is on, I can rev the engine but not idle.
b) When the choke is off, it idles fine, but as soon as I give it much gas it dies.

Any clues on where to start adjusting? I'm not afraid to get in and take things apart (YouTube is my friend); but I'm not quite sure what to start breaking, yet.

Thanks for any guidance you veterans can provide.
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