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12-23-2017, 02:50 PM,
959 Risers
Purchased 4.5 inch risers with square bottom shape. Upon closer inspection it looks like the stock riser fits in a shallow round hole?!!! Also the risers do not have a stud, looks to be a 7/16” hole. Anyone shed some light on what or how to install these squared style risers?
12-23-2017, 08:39 PM,
RE: 959 Risers
Found the risers to require 1/2” bolts or studs must be Harley risers. I know I have seen studs with the 1/2 inch on one end and metric on the other. Anyone know who offers those?
12-24-2017, 12:18 AM,
RE: 959 Risers
Found the studs on eBay for $20+ bucks, (of course) also found stainless steel shoulder bolts at the local hardware store less than 9 bucks. So do I drill the current holes in the tree or throw $20 bucks at eBay and do it right, hummmm....
12-28-2017, 12:43 PM,
RE: 959 Risers
Found the half inch bolts will work just fine. Top of the tree came off wth no trouble. Surprised with all the rust on the stock riser bolts. There is a little slop <1mm. Going to wrap bolts with Teflon plumber tape on the shoulder part to keep rust at bay. Using stainless steel bolts.
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