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01-21-2018, 06:00 PM,
Starter clutch replacement
Hello all, hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and are off to a good start for the new year! Couple of issues with my 07 1100 Silverado. My last post was about the starter clutch (clanking when i turned it off) it evidentaly has failed 8K miles, very slow cranking no start, battery is good I tested the starter it appears to be fine.I have not pulled the side cover but from what I have read and watched it all points to the starter clutch. So I was hoping to get some info from you all on this. First I've found the kits and the price varies from OEM to aftermarket are very large. Does anyone know anything about a kit from Big Roller it seems to have the same parts as OEM but is much less. Their are several from other companies also so I'm trying to decide but havent found any positive / negative info on any of the aftermarkets. I don't want to waste money on inferior parts so any input will be appreciated! THX!
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